Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pedal Power Resources

here is a pretty good list of innovative pedal power resources and how to'd.

Pedal Power Resources  Juicycle <> Homebuilt pedaled kitchen accessories toolset constructed with common  fasteners; metal welding avoided. Plans and anecdotes provided. Lightfoot Cycles <> We design and build dynamic, evolving and improving human-powered  vehicles. Maya Pedal <> We recycle used bicycles to build pedal-powered machines which support  and help facilitate the work of small-scale, self-sustainable projects. Pedal Power Directory <> Web directory of information about pedal power, pedal powered  generators  and transportation. Pedal Works <> Pedal energy development alternatives develops and promotes the use of  pedal powered technology. The Bicycle Tutor <> Video tutorials show you how to repair your own bike! Wikipedia: Pedal Powered Vehicle  <> Pedal powered vehicle is used to describe several types of vehicles.

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