Saturday, December 8, 2007

On-Line Emergency courses

I received a couple of positive notes about the TEEX on-line classes
that asked for more of similar kind of training. Although I don't
like the Yale-New Haven Center for Preparedness & Disaster Response
courses as much as the TEEX, they are SHORT!. Yale has seven free on-
line training sessions targeted to health care workers in a hospital
setting, that might be of interest. Upon successful completion of
the multi-choice test, you can print a certificate. Course subjects:
- Bioterrorism for Clinicians
- Personal Protective Equipment
- Introduction to Emergency Management
- Introduction to Radiological Emergency Preparedness
- Introduction to Emergency Management with NIMS
- Mental Health Aspects of Emergencies and Disasters
for Non-Mental Health Professionals
- ICS for Health Care with NIMS

Brief course descriptions have been copied from their website and
pasted below.

The Center recommends taking these awareness level training before
going on technician & operational level classroom training.

How To Take The Course:
If you wish to take any of the courses below, go to and log in using the blue box in
the left column of the home page. If you are a first-time user,
please click the "Register" button to establish your LoginID and

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